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Tatars of Europe.

Updated: May 27, 2022

Part one: Saxony-Anhalt.

One of the aims of this blog is to present the history, culture, and current events in the Tatar world, but also to present the Tatar communities living throughout Europe and around the world. Today, we are starting this cycle by presenting the Crimean Tatar community in Saxony-Anhalt, in central Germany.

Crimean Tatars from Magdeburg - Dzhemile Umerova and Enver Ibragimov.

Where are you from, where were you born?

- We are Crimean Tatars. We were born in Uzbekistan.

It was only in the 90s that our nation could fully legally return to the peninsula [Crimea], and then our families also moved there.

When did you meet?

- We met in Crimea, in 2012. After some time, we decided to start a family.

When you came to Germany, do you keep in touch with other Crimean Tatars in Sachsen-Anhalt?

- We have been living in Magdeburg since 2017. We know a few Crimean Tatar families in Germany, and in Saxony-Anhalt itself, but unfortunately, we don't know any Crimean Tatar families in Magdeburg.

What language do you use on a daily basis?

- At home, we use single words from the Crimean Tatar language. We mostly speak German or Russian. Unfortunately, our generation did not have the opportunity to learn Crimean Tatar in schools or universities.

What do you do?

- I am a migration advisor, I support foreign workers on issues concerning their labor rights and my husband is a musician and a music teacher.

If you are of Crimean Tatar/Tatar descent (nationality), currently living on emigration, and would like to introduce yourself and tell your story, write to us:

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